Six On Saturday: Red, white and blue

Oh go on,  indulge me!  It’s Harry and Meghan’s day and here’s my Six:



I’ve planted up the containers.  I’m very predictable.  It’s always two geraniums and something else.  This year I have two trailing ivy leaf geraniums, this one is Merlot.



And the something else is a trailing bacopa snowflake.



And the first of the blues is Polemonium caeruleum or Jacob’s ladder.  I strayed from my plan to plant in blocks and just bought one of these.  I am now trying it out around the garden to be sure I find the perfect spot for it.



The second red is of course a geum, Blazing Sunset.  Bought last year at the Finchley Horticultural Society plant sale – which is where I shall be on Sunday, manning a stall.



The second white is a Cistus or rock rose.  There is a label for this somewhere,  but for now I am joining our noble leader in the var. unk. club! (I think it might be Alan Frapp).



The second blue was a difficult choice but I’ve decided to save my favourite one for next week… For this week it’s going to be Geranium himalayense ‘Gravetye’.  It’s just coming into flower and is doing a great job filling out the new border.

Okay, so maybe the blues are a little purple and one of the reds is on the verge of orange but I think you get my drift!

Happy weekends everyone, be it weddings, football, plant sales or gardening!  And save some time for reading all the other sixes as featured at The Propagator’s blog.

14 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: Red, white and blue

  1. The 1st photo is gorgeous with this red color so difficult to catch with a camera. !
    I also liked the Polemonium caeruleum. Not commonly sold here, I think it might be a good idea to add this perennial to some of my borders.

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  2. Harry and Meghan, who are they? I have not read their blog.
    That first pelargonium is rad. I know I have seen it around, but had not been to impressed with the dark color against the typically pale foliage. We have similar colors in the pelargoniums and zonal geraniums here, but the foliage is so much darker green than what I am accustomed to. I think that some cultivars get yellowed more easily than others, but they are all dark green here.

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    • I love a deep red or a magenta pink in the geranium, I’ve matched with a white with a thin line of what I hope is the same dark red on the petal. I’m sure I’ll include them in a six when they get going.

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