Six on Saturday: Rain delays

It was a no show here for snow but the rain fell insistently most of the week.  I would love to be planting out the first early potatoes but the soil is cold and wet so this week’s six starts in the greenhouse.



Just in time, I have potted up the new dahlia tubers. My dahlia wish list consisted of Arabian Night, Magenta Star, Cafe au Lait and Mary’s Jomanda.  But I bought Thomas Edison.  Six of these will go into the borders and a combination of Blanc y Verde and Furka will go into three terracotta pots.  They are resting in the greenhouse for now.



Settled in the greenhouse I gave the strawberry plants a tidy up and donated them a bag of my recently acquired council compost.  I am on a steep learning curve with the greenhouse.  Red spider mites made themselves known last year and the soil feels very depleted.  I have manured and mulched, added chicken pellets and another bag of council compost has gone on the other side, even so I may grow the tomatoes in grow bags again this year.



A gardener’s dilemma: mystery seedlings.   Are they from something I grew in the greenhouse last year? Or a throwback to something the previous owner grew?   They look interesting so I have left them for now.



It really was time to release the autumn sown sweet peas from their pot.  These are from seed collected from last year’s plants.  I am curious to see how well they do.  The plant in front is Weigela ‘Florida Variegata’, just coming into leaf.



And as I walked down the path I noticed that my ailing euphorbia is showing the very slimmest glimmer of life.  A few new shoots at the end of one stem.  I’m keeping that one too. Perhaps it will catch up with its neighbour!



Planting out the recently purchased Clematis armandii ‘Apple Blossom’ will also have to wait a while.  I need to have some sturdy trellis installed and then grab a break in the rain.  Thank you to all those who shared pictures of your clematis in flower.  It convinced me that this was a necessary addition to garden. I’m looking forward to next year’s flowers and their scent.

For more inspiration visit The Propagator’s blog.  The links to other #SixOnSaturday posts will take you on a gardening journey around the world!

22 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Rain delays

    • Yes, pale pink, almond scented flowers is the description. I hope it’s not too strong a pink. Everyone said it was great for early spring. The only things not being delayed are the weeds!


    • The greenhouse hosts a lovely variety of weeds but these looked so different, however your germination point is well made. What a great website, I could be gone for some time!!


  1. Those strawberry plants are looking a lot better than some of mine on my allotment (I think I lost a few over winter). Hopefully the red spider mites will stay away this year!


    • I have a few strawberries outside too which are just putting on new growth. I am pretty sure the mites will be back. Advice last year was to keep gh humid so I am doing that now – will probably get some nasty fungus infection!


  2. Like the others, I love those sweet peas. Look like a tiny little forest on the move upward. Are you wondering about the colour or the productivity of them as compared to last year?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Colour and productivity. The original was an old fashioned mixed I think. But I only took a couple of pods so I could end up with all one colour. But more interested to see what the productivity is like.


  3. You have reminded me I ordered a few dahlias but as cuttings so they won’t arrive till may I think. The weather is such a pain. I planted my sweet peas out last weekend. They looked a bit more bedraggled than yours but are recovering some poise now.

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