Six on Saturday: Growing things

The work on the paths was delayed by the wet weather but finally it is finished. Sort of.  I have to add in soil where I have gained a few extra inches of border and of course sorting out one corner throws up uneven levels in another area.  But that is for another time.  I have got the garden back – just in time for the arrival of the mini beast from the east.  A cold weekend is expected.  Here’s what I spotted as I walked round.


IMG_2067So this is the path looking shockingly new but I will soon get that sorted out with a few trips up and down with the wheelbarrow!


IMG_2054 (2)The clematis pruned before the last batch of cold weather has survived and is surging onward.  It will soon be covering the trellis again.


IMG_2053A sure sign that everything is growing.  This is most likely an ash tree seedling.  Neighbouring gardens are well forested and every year I have to be super vigilant to pull up all the seedlings that come my way.  Ash and sycamore are the most common and then the odd oak courtesy of the squirrels.


IMG_2060The tulips are coming through. This beautiful pink edged leaf could be from China Girl or Angelique.  These two were planted along with Spring Green in a mixed clump in November.   They should be in flower come April/May.


IMG_2063Right plant, right place I think.  I planted half a dozen cowslips in a very wet border last year and this year there is a great crop of seedlings.  I shall gently separate them and spread them around this border and elsewhere.  Lovely free plants!


IMG_2055Don’t they look tempting.  The first lush shoots of the delphiniums.  I can just hear the slugs smacking their lips.  More vigilance required.

I am feeling excited and frustrated.  So much new growth but such a cold weekend forecast.  And I’ve still got the nerines to plant.  Patience is a virtue…

Check in with The Propagator to see what else is growing this weekend.  Gardeners from both hemispheres take part so there is always something to enjoy.  Happy gardening.





23 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Growing things

  1. The path looks great. I need to pressure wash the patio next weekend, it looks filthy. 201i bought one delphinium last year and it obligingly produced seeds which i have sown. I’ll take cuttings too soon so should have a few plants to deal with.


    • Wishing you great success with the delphs, they are my faves. I had a clump that came from my Dad’s garden at least 15 years ago. It was dug up and divided to come with us to new house and it is doing great. Just watch those slugs!

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  2. Am with you with the frustration! I can’t remember a spring like it! Your path looks fab! And lovely to see clematis and delphinium shoots.


  3. A few of your wheelbarrow trips, a few plants, a few months, that path’ll be stunning. Love that tulip. May have to make a note of it for my autumn buying spree.


  4. Aahh! Nice path! I love stones like that … clematis are at the same stage as mine.
    And delphiniums … protect them for the next cold nights …. ! it would be a shame to see them burnt by frost


  5. I’m a great fan of delphiniums, as well. They are coming up in the garden and look much the same as yours. My daughter used to use “slug pubs” to protect her strawberries – a cleaned up tuna fish can sunk into the ground and filled with beer. The slugs come along to take a sip and fall in! Then they kind of dissolve. Not for the faint of heart. Then again, how could a gardener be faint of heart?


  6. So lovely to see all these new plants emerging. What an exciting time. I’m looking forward to seeing that tulip flower!


  7. Like others, I’d say that path was a good investment and there’s surprisingly little “damage” to the planting on either side of it. You must have had a good builder. I’e given up with delphiniums. It’s too cold for nematodes and I prefer to avoid using pellets (even the modern supposedly organic ones). I tried copper rings but the slugs just built bridges over them. And the local mob seem to be teetotal. Short of camping out overnight I don’t have a solution. Keep the path super-clean, then you’ll be able to see Lora’s footprints easily when she visits your garden on a nocturnal raid.

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      • 😀 John kingdom has warned me! He recommends I keep the path clean so I spot the footprints. Little did I know I would be doing that! I’ve never had a path I’ve wanted to keep clean!! That’ll wear off soon.


    • Hi John. I seem to have missed this from last week. Slugs are plentiful here. I have used plastic bottle collars and that seemed to help. Maybe mine are not so industrious! But these delphiniums were up before I had noticed them, and once they get to a certain height the slugs leave them alone. But then again I think all this rain will be encouraging the slugs. I’d better have another look!


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